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Well Earned Retirement

Ruby des Allées aux Oiseaux

My son Matthieu went and got Ruby from Saint Malo in 2000. In 2011 Ruby took well earned retirement with him.

February 2013: Ruby lost her sense of balance following a stroke and the vet recommended putting her down. We all miss her a lot.
Le chartreux
Le chartreux

Topaze du Gang des Burgondes

Topaze, born in April 2002, is very playful and full of life. She is slender yet well proportioned
She loves to play ball. She has a little foam ball that she can easily carry in her mouth. I throw the ball and she runs at top speed to bring it back and drop it at my feet with a look which says again, again!
She now lives with Michel at Le Havre where I can see her when I pass by that way.

Tourmaline - European Champion

Tourmaline du Soleil d'Argent
Tourmaline was born in April 2002. She has developped into a very fine example of a chartreux. She is solid and muscular.

She has a beautiful nature but she is a totally incorrigible cat who will do anything to satisfy her curiosity. I was erecting an electric fence for the sheep. Alas, what does Tourmaline do? She touched the fence with her nose over and over again to see if this electrifying sensation, setting her hair on end, would be the same each time!
(Photo: Tourmaline, 9 years old)
Le chartreux
Le chartreux

Terence - International Champion

Terence du Lucius, born in October 2002, arrived at our house early in the year 2003. She adored Saphir, the master of the house

Terence refuses her kitten food.
"I want to eat like the grown-ups", she says.
"No Terence, you are too small".
She clenches her teeth. But a little later Terence is hungry. She starts to eat, forgetting the grown-ups.

Una de l'Etoile du Soir, was born in april 2003. She takes after her parents Tourmaline and Saphir. adoring being held and cuddled.

She has produced some very fine kittens among whom is Balthazar who was Best Suprème at the Fife / World Cat show at Bucharest.
(Photo: a young Una)
Le chartreux
Le chartreux

Victoria - European Champion

Victoria de l'Etoile du Soir, A Tourmaline / Saphir girl born in May 2004.
She was the the best of 23 chartreux kittens presented in the chartreux special at Nantes in 2004. She has been awarded many prizes in the shows including many Bests.
(Photo: Victoria à 8 ans)

Le chartreux
Le chartreux


Begonia - Champion
Le chartreux